Our Cloud

We have a standard, it must be world class.
It is Microsoft Azure

Time Point™ recognise that time sensitive data is critical to every business. No matter what their size, our workforce management solutions must be fully secure and accessible 24/7, from anywhere.

To run a business you rely on your systems. We developed our cloud solution on the Microsoft Azure platform because we know you are guaranteed the service you expect every day of the year.

We understand that for you - our enterprise customer - to realise the benefits of the cloud, you must be willing to entrust your cloud provider with one of your most valuable assets - your data. If you invest in a cloud service, you must be able to trust that your data is safe, that the privacy of your data is protected, and that you retain ownership of and control over your data - that it will only be used in a way that is consistent with your expectations.

Microsoft Azure’s long experience running online services has involved extensive investment in foundational technology that provides security and privacy.

Key Features

  • 99.5% Uptime Guarantee
  • Secure, Scanable, Proven
  • Network Protection
  • Fast, Reliable Global Network
  • Scalability & Power
  • Deployment Speeds
  • Performance Computing
  • Disaster Recovery Policies


We guarantee 99.5% uptime and we provide a complete service audit history of events, ensuring our customers are updated at all times.


Fast, reliable service from Microsoft Azure. A global network of data centres provide the highest level of performance according to your geographical location.  


Our disaster recovery procedures ensure we can always access your data. We have scheduled daily and weekly system backups of all our customers' data and regularly schedule tests to ensure all backed up data is intact.


Secure, scalable, proven, tested and backed by the Microsoft Azure global network.


We use firewalls to separate our application from outside traffic and anti-virus software that prevents transmission of files or data that contain a virus.


Enterprise firewall technology, SSL encryption and fully redundant cloud architecture. We secure and store your data where you want it, to meet local compliance regulation.