Optimise Efficiency - Reduce Wage Costs - Connect Everyone

Suitable for small, medium and large sized businesses. Our customers range from a few employees
in a single location to thousands of employees in multiple locations. 

Easy Scheduling

Create rosters, align required staffing levels within minutes, eAlerts on actual versus budget wage spend.

Accurate Attendance

Records all shifts and breaks, start and end times 24/7, e alerts on lates, no shows and early exits.

Automate Payroll

Transform payroll procedures, send one file for all employees’ hours, minutes, holidays and entitlements.

Intuitive HR

Automate everyday tasks, e Diary reminders, document management, and approve holiday and absence requests online.

Powerful Reporting

Expect more, see more with up to the minute dashboard reporting on your smart phone and tablet anywhere at any time.

Employee Self-Service

Send rosters and shifts, approval holidays, absence and shift swaps requests all online, no more paper, reduce admin times.

E-alerts - Always Know

Set any benchmarks, ensure key managers are notified before any pending breach in service levels and labour costs.

Clock Options

We’ve got it covered from tablets, smart phones and desk tops right through to biometric finger and hand clocks.

One System

For any size business, view any data anywhere at any time further increase efficiencies and reduce labour costs

Optimise Efficiency · Reduce Costs · Connect Everyone

Over 2,000 customers backed by 20 years’ experience