Clocking In Systems

Employee time recording - we’ve got you covered

Time Point™ offer a comprehensive range of choices of clocking in systems as to how you wish to record your employees’ attendance from proven biometric finger and hand clock terminals, smart phones and tablets to desktop PCs and laptops. We offer businesses the flexibility that ensures they have the most suitable options to track and record the start and end of every employees’ shifts and breaks.

Key Features

  • Biometric finger clocks
  • Smart GPS phone clocking
  • Desktop PC clocking
  • Tablet clocking
  • Biometric hand clocks
  • Employee self-service
  • Compatible with all leading cards, fobs & tags

Tablet Clocking

Continuously connect with your employees, anywhere, anytime.

  • A web-based tool that enables employees to register their attendance using any tablet.
  • Employees clock in and out for shifts and breaks by keying in their unique PIN code.
  • Intuitive and easy to use. A wall mounted clock that only requires power, works via your wi-fi, stores data locally when offline.

Biometric Hand Punch Clock

100% reliable and is not sensitive to cuts, dirt, grease, creams or worn fingers. Robust and resilient, working in the most demanding environments. 

  • To clock in, clock out and verify identity, your employee simply places their hand on the plate.
  • Hand geometry measures the size and shape of the employee’s hand.
  • Verification takes two to three seconds. A beep and green or red light confirms acceptance.
  • Each clocking action records the employee, the time and the date in real-time.

Desktop PC

Enable employees to securely clock in and out from their work-station; secure and proven, no additional software.

  • Employees can view and update all their personal details, flexi-balances, holidays and lieu balances.
  • When employees arrive and leave work they simply login with their unique PIN code.  

Smart Phone Clocking

Our web-based mobile clocking system allows employees to securely clock in and out at the start and end of shifts and breaks.

  • Employees simply open the Time Point™ app and enter their unique PIN code.
  • All employees’ transactions and time are stamped and instantly updated on the Time Point™ workforce management system.

Biometric Finger Clocking Terminals

Through our partnership with KABA®, comes an intuitive 7” colour touchscreen biometric finger android device, incorporating industry leading technology that enables the capture of key business information.

  • The biometric reader takes a digital image of the unique minutiae of an employee’s finger and stores this image as a reference.
  • Employees clock in and out for shifts and breaks by using their finger.
  • Identification takes approximately 2/3 seconds with a message displayed to confirm acceptance or rejection of the transaction.
  • Each clocking transaction records the employee’s time and date in real-time.