Our History

Time Point is a biometric workforce management software company founded in 1995 and based in Dublin. Our primary objective is to further increase efficiencies within a business by reducing labour costs, lowering back office administration times and providing real time management reporting tools customised for all key personnel, accessible anywhere, and on any smart phone, tablet or desktop.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience over the past 20 years delivering system editions to over 2,000 customers and their 250,000 plus employees working in the retail, hospitality, manufacturing and service sectors.

Time Point are passionate that each of our customers get a real return on their investment. We use tried and tested project management procedures that ensure every new system installation comes in on budget, and on time. Our centralised workforce management system is intuitive, adaptable and unifies the entire business. We have a comprehensive suite of modules that covers every aspect of employee administration.

We view the project completion as the beginning of our relationship, and as the business grows and evolves, we are here to support our customers and ensure that our solutions continually meet their needs.

  • Create savings and generate a real return on every customers investment.
  • Listen, collaborate and deliver solutions to the customers exact needs.
  • Our integrity is backed by 20 years of experience and 2,000 + installations.
  • Provide innovation that will empower key managers and all employees.
  • It’s a partnership we continuously work to further increase efficiencies in all our customers businesses.


Before the project starts our survey team audit your working rules and establish the priorities and needs of your business. We draft clearly defined step by step implementation plans, all pre-approved before start date. 


Customer Support

We are passionate about supporting our 2,000+ customers and their 250,000 employees. Response times are critical and our help desk is open 12 hours a day with all customer queries being addressed within 2 hours from the time the service team log the call. We will replace any clock, anywhere within 24 hours from the log time.



Project Management

Our Project Managers publish a plan for all parties to work with and refer to throughout the life cycle of the project. Change management procedures are available at all times to cater for modifications, updates and new rules and procedures as a project progresses. We are flexible and deliver on budget.



We design easy to follow step by step training courses, with attendees signed confirmations after every stage, to ensure system-end users are proficient in all aspects of the system over the duration of the project and before "go live" date.



Over 2,000 customers backed by 20 years’ experience