Rosters & Scheduling

Make your business even more efficient - scheduling that works the way you want

Time Point’s planning module is fast and easy to use, providing supervisors and managers with the tools and visibility they require, to align employees’ attendance times as required, across each department while also ensuring budgetary guidelines and HR policies are being enforced.

One centralised workforce staff planner that will measure actual employee attendance against what was planned, in real-time across the entire business. Generate a range of reports, dashboards and alerts to key managers, on pending breaches to budgeted labour costs, coverage levels and HR policies.

Our labour module assists supervisors and managers with workforce planning, providing key metrics on labour costs and coverage as a schedule is being built.

Ensure the right employees are in the right locations, at the right times and each departments labour cost is on budget before the trading period begins.

Further increase efficiencies, automate manual procedures, empower supervisors, managers and employees with real-time reporting that can be viewed anywhere, anytime and on any smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Key Features

  • Align labour cover to budgeted forecasts
  • Schedule by pay rates
  • Receive alerts on actual versus budget overruns
  • Alert department heads
  • Notify HR of pending policy breaches across the business
  • Select data by employee, department or grouping
  • Analyse data by day, week to date or period
  • Workforce analytics & labour productivity
  • View employees’ rosters via employee self-service
  • Real-time reporting on smart phones & tablets
  • Absence planning
  • Alerts on lates, early exits, absence, no-shows