eAlerts Manager

Every aspect of a workforces performance monitored

Time Point™ Workflow Alerts measures and records how a workforce is performing against the businesses budgets, HR policies, benchmarks and targets. We provide every department, key manager and supervisor with informative real-time management reports and alerts in a seamless automated process.

Further increase efficiencies, reduce administration times and policy enforcement with a system that works for the entire business.

We simply predefine what information you wish to monitor, apply your budgetary and HR thresholds and track data in real-time, sending alerts on pending breaches to key managers smart phones, tablets and desktops while also providing a global view of how their department is performing.

Time Point™ Workflow Alerts continuously audits the entire business 24/7, generating key data, sending alerts and real-time reporting updates to supervisors, managers, finance and HR departments, that assist a business in further increasing workforce management efficiencies.

Key Features

  • Actual labour versus budgeted
  • Overtime exceeding roster
  • Week to date over runs
  • KPI breaches pending
  • Lates, no-shows, early exits
  • Labour coverage issues
  • HR policy breaches
  • Flexi-balances
  • Unauthorised absences
  • Holiday breaches
  • Reviews pending no action taken