Automate, streamline, integrate and transform payroll procedures

Time Point™ automates the payroll process, enabling businesses to export timesheet data for the entire workforce, covering basic and overtime hours, holidays, paid sick leave, lieu time, flexitime and ensuring that all entitlements are applied in accordance with company policy.

We link to all leading payroll systems, ensuring that payroll preparation is accurate and the exporting of single or multiple company timesheets is a seamless, automated process.

If your employee timesheets run on a weekly, bi–weekly, calendar month, period or you run multiple timesheets, Time Point™ Payroll ensures an accurate timesheet is exported to your payroll system, on time, every time.

Reduce back office administration times, and manual procedures. Further increase efficiencies across the entire business. Time Point™ has 20 years experience and over 2,000 customers and has successfully linked it’s workforce management systems to all major payroll systems.

Key Features

  • Automate timesheet data export
  • Links to all leading payroll systems
  • Multiple file format options
  • Multi payroll links within a company
  • Reduce office administration times
  • Simplify payroll preparation
  • Multi-user system
  • Multi-country