Tracker Manager

Recording attendance across multiple locations, just got easier

Time Point™ Tracker Manager ensures the applicable rate of pay is applied for the actual time employees worked in one or multiple departments, including their home department.

Easy to use, roster employees as the business demands across multiple departments, auto applies departmental pay rates, accumulates employee’s attendance times, applies overtime and entitlements. 

Time Point™ Tracker Manager is entirely automated, recording employee attendance and tracking labour movements across all departments. 

There is a comprehensive range of reports from staff cover to labour costs with built in eReminders and alerts, that ensures department heads and supervisors are always updated on any pending budget breaches or labour cover issues.

Automate manual procedures, reduce administration time, plan staff cover and view real time dashboard analysis. Time Point™ Tracker Manager is an entirely automated employee time and attendance system.

Key Features

  • Roster hours by departments
  • Multiple pay rates by department
  • Plan departmental labour costs
  • Track actual versus budgeted cost
  • Receive e-reminders & alerts
  • Multiple location option
  • Track attendance by department
  • Online manager approvals
  • Automated recording attendance
  • Dashboards & reports