Time and Attendance

Attendance tracking that works for every employee

Our Time & Attendance software accurately interprets the working rules and policies of the entire business. We automate manual processes and seamless tracking of every employee’s entire attendance.

Our software calculates shift start and end times, records all break times, applies your working rules for late arrivals, early exits or no-shows. In addition to continuously processing every employee’s taken holidays, remaining balance, paid and unpaid absences, flexitime balances and overtime applicable, based on your attendance thresholds.

Further increase efficiencies; reduce back office administration times with automated real-time data processing on every aspect of your workforce’s attendance. Intuitive and easy to use viewing, editing and updating employees records is fast and efficient. Send a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or period time sheet directly to your payroll system.

Key Features

  • Rosters & Scheduling
  • Shifts & Break Attendance
  • Lates, Early Exits & No Shows
  • Absence & Holiday Calendars
  • Basic, Overtime & Lieu Hours
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Period Timesheets
  • Departmental Tracking with Multiple Pay Rates
  • Automated Timesheet Payroll Link
  • Intuitive, Easy to Use Reporting Tools
  • Flexitime, Flexi-Banking & Flexi-Leave
  • Employee Self-Service