Pocket Reporter

Managers can view key reports, updates & alerts on their smart phone or tablet

Time Point™ Pocket Reporter provides people on the go with great real-time data as to how their workforce is preforming. Dashboards and reports, eReminders and alerts all happen in realtime, we unlock the time delay and ensure critical information can be viewed on your smart phone or tablet anytime and from anywhere.

Empower supervisors and managers with data they can use, to make faster decisions on critical issues and ensures the businesses budgets and HR policies are being enforced, right across the organisation. Now it’s anytime, anywhere. Pocket Reporter ensures managers and supervisors who are not always at a desk are aware of issues and can resolve problems as they arise, with real-time reporting updates and alerts on how their workforce is performing throughout the day.

We believe connecting our workforce management system to key decision makers mobile devices reduces administration time, ensures customer service is maintained and labour costs are kept on budget.

Key Features

  • Reports & dashboards in real-time
  • Define the reports managers need
  • Receive alerts, notifications & eReminders
  • Act on Budget overruns before they occur
  • Respond to Pending HR Policy Breaches
  • View Key Performance indicators
  • No-Shows, Late and early exit alerts
  • View Data anywhere & at any time
  • It's mobile - Your Office in your Pocket