Honour-Based Timesheets

Everything HR needs for staff members who do not clock.

Time Point™ Honour Based Timesheets is for organisations who don’t have a clocking culture but do wish to have a record of the time their staff members have worked, both on and off site, in addition to recording any holidays or absence that may be taken.

Our software is an online solution, automated and flexible. Staff members access their files using our secure employee self-service module, where they can view and edit their timesheets, request holidays, time-off, submit absence requests, view their flexi-balances, holiday calendars and notifications.

Automate the entire process with real-time information updates on every aspect of staff performance, that can be viewed by key managers and supervisors.

One online staff attendance system, recording and storing each employee’s working history and relevant documents in one place. Automate manual procedures and greatly reduce back office administration time.

Key Features

  • Staff members book holidays & planned absences
  • Send requests & receive approvals
  • Employee self-service on tablets & smart phones
  • Secure online log in, anywhere, anytime
  • Complete audit trail for each unique user
  • Auto send e-reminders & alerts
  • Connect remote workers