A system that works for the entire organisation

Time Point™ Flexitime provides organisations with everything they require to automatically track, manage and report on their staff member’s flexible working hours. Intuitive and easy to use, Time Point™ Flexitime ensures policies and procedures are followed, while empowering both staff and supervisors with real-time reporting.

We configure our software to meet all your organisation’s flexitime rules and policies, covering start and end times, core times, breaks and lunches, to business leave, entitlements, sick leave and more, while critically calculating flexi-bank debit and credit balances, flexi-leave and any pending policy breaches.

We have a range of clocking options, staff can work across multiple locations and view their flexi-balances, request time-off and receive approvals.

Time Point™ Flexitime provides supervisors and managers with a comprehensive range of reports, on every aspect of their employees’ attendance, in addition to providing alerts and eAlerts on key data.

Key Features

  • Covers all break entitlements
  • Debit & Credit Flexi Balences
  • Flexi-leave approval audit trail
  • Works across multiple locations
  • Online supervisor approval
  • eAlerts on pending policy breaches
  • Powerful real-time reporting
  • Employee self-service
  • Comprehensive clocking options
  • eAlerts & dashboards