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Time & Attendance

100% accurately record every employees actual start and end of shifts and breaks, weekly, bi- weekly or period timesheet - secure audit trail on edited times.

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Rosters & Scheduling

Intuitive and easy to use, forecast labour planning, optimise staff levels and align to budgets. Know you’re on target and receive email alerts when you’re not in real time.

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Absence Manager

Ensure every employees absence
is recorded and approved
with in-depth
data analysis for
Department Heads.

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HR Manager

Hire to retire - records every
event, document management,
event reminders, an
eDiary that works for you,
with easy to use reporting.

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Departmental Tracking

Delivers a real insight to
employee movement within
the business and records
actual attendance, labour
costs, and multiple pay rates.

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Labour Analytics

Delivering actual labour cost spend analysis versus budgets in real time by department, location and group wide.

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Records all staffs core hours and from multiple devices. Ensures flexi-banking and balances are updated in real time and view performance by employee.

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Honour Based Timesheets

Suitable in non-clocking environments, we deliver a version that will suit your organisations culture - with all the benefits.

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Workflow Alerts

Set bench marks across the entire business and receive deviation alerts in real time before the pending breach happens allowing you to react and maintain policy.

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Pocket Reporter

We deliver only the key data and alerts you need that will truly make your smart phone an extension of your office in real time and anywhere.

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Employee Self Service

Connect your staff to your business with an online messaging service for all employees rosters, holidays, shift and absence.

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Dashboard Reports

Innovative, powerful customised graphical reports. View any data through stunning coloured coded charts and graphs and see business performance in a whole new way.

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Clock Options

We have a comprehensive range of choices to record staff attendance from PC clocking and smart tablets to our biometric finger and hand reader clocks.

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