We know how critical system training is to the success of any new installation. At Time Point we use proven training methods that build the users knowledge through a structured step by step process that ensures every user is comfortable and knowledgeable in how to use our system. 

Prior to training commencing, the assigned project manager will establish the number of employees that require training, their skill levels, availability and create a training schedule and content for approval by the customer.

We do not use generic lessons; we tailor course content that is directly related to how each person will use the system - ensuring everyone is fully proficient over the agreed training time frame.

The training team has in-depth knowledge on all Time Point software products with years of experience built on successfully installing thousands of systems across all industries.  

We offer a range of refresher courses should a customer require additional training on a specific section of our system. We also have frequent webinars that inform customers of the latest features and developments in forthcoming releases.  

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